CelebHomes. What’s the greatest thing you felt when you returned from your trip that you thought, “Oh, this is so much I missed!”

MC: Jerry has an amazing personality. He is a joy to be around and he also loves Nathan Kress. One of the most kind people I have ever met. His responsibility is amazing. He shows up to work every day, usually 30 minutes early, and has his script notes written way in advance. He’s also a pleasure to be with. Laci [Mosley]Most importantly and Jaden Triplet. It’s kinda like I feel that I have come full circle with Jaden, who is 10 years old. When I first started iCarly, I was 12 so it’s kind of insane to be Jerry’s age and work with a child now in this version.

CelebHomes – Who do you think is closest to your character?

MC: Jerry Trainor would be my choice. Nathan’s character Freddy is very responsible. He’s a good person, and Nathan looks a lot like Freddy. In some ways, I think we are very similar. But I do agree with Jerry most.

CelebHomes How are Carly and you similar in any way?

MC: We are different, because Carly is more outgoing than I am. Carly is an extrovert while I am an introvert. In that Carly is like a stumbling through life, hoping for the best, yet crazy things just keep happening all around, I feel a lot like her.