Miranda CosgroveCreddie will be the next chapter in her story.

Yes, that’s correct. The star of iCarlyShe wants to play the title character that chases Freddie.Nathan Kress(For once). CelebHomes News interviewed Cosgrove to confirm his statement. iCarlyParamount+’s reboot is returning for the third season. It seems that viewers will be watching the third season of Paramount+ reboot after Season 2’s finale, which placed Carly and Freddie’s feelings for one in the forefront. Final wordsSee the besties on screen get together as adults.

“In the original series, they’re little and Freddie always had almost like, a puppy love for Carly,” Cosgrove said of the two characters, “and Carly would always just laugh about it. Now that they are adults it is a completely different dynamic. Carly would love to hear more about Freddie’s feelings, particularly since Freddie has gone through two divorces and now has a child.

In other words, Cosgrove would like to see if Carly’s the one “that’s going to fight for Freddie.”