Miranda Cosgrove has worked for most of her 28 years—so she understands why her former co-star threw in the towel

iCarlyJennette McCurdy, a’s Jennette Mccurdy was the headlines when she said that she wouldn’t be returning to Nickelodeon for its reboot. Miranda (Carly Shea), who’s teamed up HP’s The World is Saved by Girls to empower young women to create change with environmental advocacy, recently told CelebHomes News that she “understands” Jennette’s decision to quit acting. 

Miranda stated, “I believe it is difficult to get into acting young.” It’s difficult to be an adult while you’re still a child. She is a great person.

Miranda agrees with Jennette that Jennette has decided not to participate in the reboot. iCarlyIt’s a different show without Sam and they miss her. 

Jennette might change her mind about her character being revived. Miranda would welcome her onto the show with open arms. Miranda said that Miranda would welcome her back to the show if she wanted. She’s accomplishing a lot more than she ever wanted to do.