Mira SorvinoWe know the hurt of losing someone we love.

A few weeks later, her father died. Paul SorvinoAfter her passing, she sent support and love to all who were also mourning the loss of their parent.

“I miss you Dad!!!” In an August 17th letter, she said “I miss you Dad!” tweetAdd in anotherI have been anticipating the loss of my parents all my life. It has finally come to an end in part. It is a difficult time for many parents to lose their children. It leaves you unmoored, thrusts you into a position you were unprepared for, without the counsel and love of those you valued most…” 

After the Reunion of Romy and Michele from High School Star shared her post and received many heartfelt messages on Twitter from other users, including Mark Hamill

“Dear Mira- Your loss is shared by a world that was enriched by his talent & impeccable artistry,” he wrote. “His legacy is immeasurable &, like you, I will treasure his memory forever.” 

Mira thanked him Star WarsActor for his words, as well as all of her followers’ replies. She wrote, “You are all so sweet, so generous !!!!”