Ophelia LovibondWants you to be true to yourself Minx.

“Women have desire too and the idea that you would deny that is just being prudish,” the British actress said in a recent interview with CelebHomes News. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about celebrating that valuable attribute in women that they have.

In episode four of the HBO series, her typically conservative character Joyce learns this firsthand when she has mind-blowing, and we mean mind-blowingSex, and with Minx cover star Shane (Taylor Zakhar Perez). It’s a totally unusual thing for Joyce to do, but it was exactly what she needed to lead the magazine that focuses on female porno.

Joyce realized: “Well, if this is going to be in a journal, I kinda need to understand how I’m talking.” Ophelia agreed.

After hooking up, the self-described feminist learned another valuable lesson: Do not mix business and pleasure.