Driver previously spoke out about her experience, calling it her worst audition. Backstage in 2018.

She said, “I would categorically place this in some version #MeToo universe I grew up with.” It was a commercial for chocolate bars. The ad men never appear at auditions (it’s often just a casting directors). But I was surprised to find 10 male casting directors, their jackets on, a stool and some candy pieces. This ad featured an orgasmic scene. Sally Met HarryShe was to eat one piece of chocolate, then have an “orgasm”.

Driver continued, “I f–king did it. It was obvious that it wasn’t right, but I did it anyway. It made me feel embarrassed and ashamed, which I did not understand until many years later. This feeling never left me. It’s still a strong feeling that I have to this day. It’s not possible, but it is possible, and that’s a good thing.