YouTube is grieving for one of its members.

A Minecraft YouTuber is well-known to his fans online. Technoblade, has passed away after battling cancer, his family confirmed June 30. He was only 23.

In a YouTube video titled “so long nerds,” Technoblade’s dad read a letter that the content creator wrote to fans prior to his death. “Hello everyone, Technoblade here. If you’re watching this, I am dead,” the message began. So let’s get down to one more chat. He then revealed his true identity after working as Technoblade over many years. Alex.

“Thank you to everyone for supporting my content throughout the years,” he said. “If there were another 100 of me, I feel like Technoblade would be my choice again. Those years were some of the most joyful in my entire life.”

He said, “I hope that you enjoyed my content” and that he made some people laugh. “And I do hope that you live happy, long-lived, and prosper lives. Because I love you, guys. Technoblade is out