She recalled, “When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I had never even met anyone with any type of cancer.” We were completely unaware of the facts. All that was required to deal with this devastating form of cancer, and learn about chemotherapy and radiation as well as clinical trials. [is]This is why PanCAN is so special to me.

Mindy stated that PanCAN has given her “so much purpose” and “just this feeling of momentum,” adding, “I feel so emotionally connected with this organization, so it’s a pleasure to help.”

She shared with us how the relationship she has had with her mother has shaped her view as a daughter and a parent. Katherine4 and Son Spencer17 month old, who never met their grandmother.

She said that she saw a lot in her, and shared some similarities with me. She said, “I can definitely understand her frustrations or the things she would complain about. These are also annoying for me. “I totally understand it now.”