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Although we all know exactly what to do when it comes exercise, sometimes that knowledge is not enough. Sometimes life can be too busy, schedules can become full, so “I’ll workout tomorrow” can quickly become the default. Fitness should not be viewed as an obligation. Mindy Kaling looks for “small pockets of time” where she can fit in a little bit of movement each day, with the mindset that it all adds up. Mindy teamed with Propel Fitness Water to create the Joy of Working Out Campaign (also known as JOWO).

This campaign can be used by anyone, no matter if they are fitness enthusiasts or not. Propel’s JOWO movement emphasizes that fitness doesn’t need to be overwhelming or intimidating. Instead, it’s about doing what’s best for you, which can change from day to day.

Propel will be on a multicity tour beginning May 7. They offer free classes and $100,000 grants to trainers who are inspiring. There is also a chance to win prizes for those exercising with the Joy of Working out.

Mindy stated, “If I have one thing that I learned about exercising, it is that it makes me feel joyful and happy.” Propel Fitness Water has given us the extra push we need by getting people together from across the country this summer in order to exercise and have fun. “We want everybody to have their JOWO back!” 

Mindy spoke out about her thoughts on fitness priorities, the products she loves, Propel and her favorite parts of the JOWO campaign.