This idea comes from Miles Teller‘s grandma will take your breath away.

This is it! Daniel Craig has stepped away from the James Bond franchise, Miles’ grandma, Leona Flowers, knows the perfect person to fill that role: her grandson. 

She wrote that they are looking for an actor who can replace Daniel Craig in future 007 films. June 29 tweet. “I think my grandson, Miles Teller, has proven that he has everything they’re looking for—talent, looks, strength, worldwide appeal & oh, so cool.”

Leona concluded the campaign message of her campaign by declaring that “He can become that guy!” Isn’t that great?

It’s true! Only thing that fans don’t know is: It is not clear if Miles can pull off a British accent. His grandma is confident that Miles can do it.

A user said, “If he were from Great Britain, I would agree.” Leona repliedHe could convince you that he is. In another tweet, Leona noted, “And lots of Europeans have played Americans. Accents were also studied by him while studying acting.