Ashton KutcherThe wife didn’t approve of the latest look.

The new movie features a beautiful’stache Vengeance—which premieres July 29—Kutcher exclusively told CelebHomes News’ Daily PopThat wife Mila KunisHe was not a fan of his facial hair.

“It was kind of this combination of this aristocracy, but also country,” the actor explained of his character’s appearance at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on July 25. There was this type of Errol FlynnIt was a lot of things happening but it also kind of had this Burt ReynoldsIt’s a country feel. It was something I tried to live and feel for quite a while. It’s quite nice.”

Star and writer are both in the film. B.J. NovakThis is his directorial debut. It follows Ben, a New York journalist and podcaster. He travels to Texas in search of Abilene’s death.Lio Tipton).

Kutcher was a gushing about his co-star and director on the red carpet. Daily PopHe wrote an incredible screenplay. He was able to bring a new perspective as a director and understand every character he had written.