The Jersey Shore Family VacationCast is a condition in itself.

Who better to end all the drama than Mike Sorrentino, “The Situation.”?

The 39-year-old reality TV personality stopped by CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop on Friday, Jan. 28, dishing on the MTV series’ latest scandal: the fabricated rumor that Angelina Pivarnick spread about Vinny GuadagninoMaking a girl fall pregnant. 

Mike stated that it was a rumor below the belt. “All these flavours, but you choose to be salty!” 

He continued, “I really didn’t think that was a good situation and now, you know, as Vinny said, ‘You lost me as a friend.’ As a team, we now have to figure out how to react.

But, the one who is able to move past this situation, however, is The Jersey Shore gang. Mike stated, “You have to deal with men who have been in TV over ten year.” The original series has 70 episodes. Jersey ShoreThey know what they are doing, and there’s more than 100 in the new series.