Get ready to party! MikeThe situationSorrentinoAnd Lauren SorrentinoYou are planning to have another child.

The Jersey Shore Family VacationInstagram shared the news of her unplanned pregnancy with her husband on July 31, 2018. Mike wrote, “We have an unbelievable announcement!” Mike said. Mike wrote: “We are a growing Family!” The baby is due January 20, 2023. God is good.” 

They were also thrilled for their co-stars. “So very happy for you !!!” Paul DelVecchio, a.k.a. DJ Pauly DComment by. Added JenniJWOWW” Farley, “Yassssssss.”

Lauren and Mike’s little son will be joined by the baby. Romeo Reign SorrentinoThe 14-month-old looks ready to meet the baby as he was seen wearing a big bro’s T-shirt in one Sorrentinos photo.

Lauren and Mike had previously spoken out about their journey to parenthood. After Mike returned home from prison—where he served eight months for one count of tax evasion—in 2019, he and Lauren were ready to start a family.

Lauren said, “The night that he returned home we really conceived.” Good Morning AmericaAt that time, it was “and then about six-and-half weeks later, seven more weeks before I had an abortion.”