Sorry, PEN15Attention fans: Maya and Anna are no longer taking classes. 

CelebHomes News was informed by Hulu on Tuesday, November 30, that Hulu’s highly acclaimed comedy has been confirmed by the streaming service. PEN15The second season of the series will see it end. When season 2 of Hulu’s second half is available, the show that takes us back to Lisa Frank and Lip Smackers will be ending Friday, December 3. Creators and celebrities have decided to close the series. Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, who play 13-year-old versions of themselves on the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Per the publication, though ErskineAnd Konkle are ready to take a break from the series—which they’ve been working on for nearly ten years—Hulu wants to do additional seasons. So the streamer is “leaving the door open” for the duo to return. 

We guess seventh grade must come to an end at some point. Television Editor’s note: This was a great blessing for our thirteen-year-old selves.