“Hey guys I just wanted to give y’all an update on little Gray,” she wrote on Twitter and Instagram. My baby became ill in November and required a visit to the ICU. This was due to severe stomach bugs.

Elle continued: “Seeing my little boy as this was really terrifying.”

Country singer, Grayson, thanked medical personnel for their help. She stated, “I believe Grayson wouldn’t be on the path to full recovery without you.” Grayson is improving, and all indicators are positive.

Mickey said that her son is still recovering, adding, “He is still dehydrated and weak and has lost a lot of weight from not being able to retain any liquid.”

But overall, the award-winning singer explained that her little one is “getting better by the minute” and confirmed that he was released from the ICU “within a matter of hours.”

The mom said Gray was a fighter, and that his labs were showing him heading in the right direction.