Mickey Guytonis to share a deep-felt cry for prayer.
Friday, Nov. 18 was a special day for country music stars of 37 years. TwitterThat her nine-month-old son GraysonThe patient was quickly taken to hospital, and was then admitted to ICU. Unknown reasons led to the hospitalization. CelebHomes News reached out to Mickey for clarification.
Mickey wrote, “I don’t normally do this but my son will be sent to the ICU.” The doctors aren’t sure what is wrong. Pray. Many fans shared their support and well wishes to Grammy nominee artist, sharing messages on social media. One fan wrote, “Sending positive thoughts and best wishes to you all.” wrote. An additional user tweeted“Our hearts and minds are always here for you”

She and her husband are the “Black Like Me”, singer. Grant SavoyGrayson was born to the couple in February. Six months had passed since Mickey posted a touching Instagram message in August 2020 confirming her pregnancy.