Michelle described the episode as the most difficult decision she has ever made. But she was certain Nayte would be her one.

“Nayte, from the moment you stepped out of the limo, I felt that there was a connection,” she said before the proposal. “It was this kinetic moment where I was feeling things that I didn’t even really know it was possible to feel.”

“But walking into this, my fear was that I would not be loved as much as I love the other person. And through our conversations, there were moments where that fear definitely started to creep in,” Michelle noted. “And this has not necessarily been a smooth ride. But, I’m also not willing to face that fear of walking away from this without you because I have never felt a love like this before. And I love you with my entire heart and don’t ever want to think about waking up next to anyone besides you and doing life with anyone besides you. And, at the end, I wanted to be standing in front of my soulmate, and he is definitely standing right in front of me.”