For all you mom shamers Michelle BranchI am saying good-bye to you

The singer took to Twitter She wrote her thoughts about a less-than-pleasant time she had breastfeeding her child at a park on March 15.

A mother was holding her baby and I got shamed! Michelle wrote that Michelle had shamed me for breastfeeding my 6-week-old baby while she was playing on the playground bench. “She said I wasn’t ‘being modest’ I am in shock that this kind of judgement was coming from a fellow mom!”

She added, “…and, to be clear, I was wearing a nursing top and was sitting away from other people. The fact that I didn’t walk into the crowd with my hands up isn’t proof of it. Motherhood is difficult enough. We shouldn’t judge each other for what we do with our children.

Michelle was met with support from many users who flocked towards the comments section.