Michael Strahan just took a trip that was almost literally out of this world.

Saturday, December 11th: Good Morning America co-host and former NFL star was blasted to the edge of space along with five other people onboard Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff BezosBlue Origin rocketship.

After they landed, Strahan told people on the ground,  “I wanna go back.”

He said that “You have to see it from that perspective.”

Strahan was joined in the space industry by a senior executive Dylan Taylor, investor Evan DickVenture Capitalist Lane Bess, his son Cameron Bess Laura Shepard Churchley— the eldest daughter of late legendary U.S. astronaut Alan ShepardIn 1961, he became the first American pilot to reach space. New Shepard was named after the rocketship. Strahan, Churchley and the rest of the crew were honored guests.

The capsule was launched from Blue Origin’s private facility in West Texas, accelerated to more than three times the speed of sound to pass beyond the 80-kilometer boundary (about 50 miles) that the U.S. uses to mark the edge of space and reached above 340,000 feet altitude before returning to Earth a few minutes later, CNBC reported.