Michael B. Jordan & Denzel Washington Talk “A Journal for Jordan”

The air is filled with love. 

Michael B. Jordan exclusively gushed during CelebHomes News’ Daily PopOn Dec. 21, learn more about your girlfriend Lori Harvey has changed his life—including the roles he takes. 

Jordan explained that Jordan took on this epic love story to lead her. A Journal for Jordan. It felt right to jump into the project now that I am in a place in my life when I can do this. 

The Creed star celebrated his one-year anniversary with the skincare founder (and Steve Harvey‘s daughter!) on Nov. 17. 

Jordan agreed with Jordan. Journal It was easy to accept the role because it was such an “rich” story. Additionally, the role was a great fit for with Denzel Washington Directing was difficult to decline. 

Jordan joked that “When Denzel calls, you answer.” It was impossible not to take up the opportunity to meet him closely.