After reading this tale, you might want to check your alarm twice.

Good Morning Britain“The anchors were unable to resist roasting meteorologist Laura Tobin after she overslept and was late to work on Friday, March 18.  

After the newscaster Ben Shephard notified viewers that they were “a man down on the team this morning,” he explained that the Ultimate News Quiz had taken place last night. You may be wondering what the Ultimate News Quiz is. It’s a U.K. event in which teams from different news organizations compete in a test on current affairs to raise money for the charity Action for Children. 

“Now this may be of no interest to you at home at all,” presenter Kate Garraway said, “but I tell you, for the people in our newsroom, this is a ferocious battle of who takes the crown.”

Tobin was a member of Good Morning BritainShe was part of the quiz team at UC Berkeley and had already posted from the event on the previous night. She had posted on Instagram Stories, “A late evening on a schoolnight.” It could be interesting tomorrow for @gmb!