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Ah, Monday May 1. It’s usually a rough day at work. But Met Gala Monday Fashion gives us that serotonin boost to help us get through it. Not to mention, the amazing style inspiration to last us all season. 

Four trends emerged this year: shimmer, silk, sheer materials, and feathers. Hailey Bieber floated down the red carpet in a gorgeous white silk gown and robe adorned with feathers, inspired by a YSL look worn by Jerry Hall in 2002. Gemma Chan stunned in a regal Louis Vuitton look. Blake Lively’s jaw-dropping, sparkly gown inspired by New York City included a color transformation on the red carpet. Kendall Jenner was seen wearing black sheers both to the event and afterwards. Olivia Rodrigo and Emily Ratajkowski wore bright, sparkly looks to the Met Gala. Winnie Harlow’s, Camila Mendes’, Brooklyn Beckham’s, and Nicola Peltz’s after-party looks were also outstanding.

Kim Kardashian’s look was undoubtedly the best-known. She wore the sparkling nude translucent dress that Marilyn Monroe wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962. 

After the red carpet, fashion was just not over. Look below for stars in stunning after-party looks, which also included the sparkly sheer trends.