Melissa McCarthy’s Next TV Role May Surprise You

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Get your nails and hammer ready, as we have some properties to renovate.

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, Scott Brothers Entertainment announced that the Emmy Award-winning superstar will be adding “co-host” to her long Hollywood résumé as host of Discovery+’s new series, The Great Giveback Melissa is accompanied by her cousin Jenna PerusichIncredible people are going to be surprised by their beautiful home renovations. Scott Brothers Entertainment, executive producer of the series. Drew Scott Jonathan ScottMelissa and Melissa will be streaming on Discovery+ late spring 2022.

The duo will first learn about the inspiring stories and heartwarming experiences of those nominated to them by family members before they start transforming their homes. The cousins will then get to work using their creativity and passion, and—with the help of their expert team—stun homeowners with incredible reveals. 

Is this a home-renovation show that makes you feel good? It sounds like Discovery+ hit it right on the head! We had to.