A singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor knows her way with words—but there’s one she’d apparently never heard of before her upcoming appearance on NBC’s Password.

As Daily Pop‘s exclusive sneak peek of the game show’s August 16 episode shows, the Grammy winner is going head-to-head against resident celebrity contestant Jimmy Fallon when she comes to a tough realization. It’s as if, “What if, we don’t even know?” Meghan asks the host. Keke Palmer about the password, which turns out to be “manscaping.” 

Jimmy naturally teases her over this, but all jokes aside, The Tonight ShowIt’s all about winning it. So, instead of playing the first clue, Jimmy uses Meghan’s lack of men’s grooming terminology to his advantage and passes it to her team for the first guess.

“You ass,” the “Dear Future Husband” songstress retorts, to which Jimmy responds, “You can’t say that on TV!”

Meghan’s team is the one that correctly guesses “manscape”, unfortunately. And after asking the audience if they know the password’s definition (which they do), she provides her partner with the word “women” as her first clue, which he incorrectly answers with the word “blouse.”