Meghan McCainYou are fed up

Former host The ViewShe took to Twitter Wednesday, Jan. 5 to protest those who make negative comments about her appearance. 

It was “baffling to me” that comedians on big platforms were so affected by her body, and spent so much energy and time talking about it. 

A 37-year-old daughter from John McCainAlthough he didn’t specifically mention anyone or an incident, he said that there is a problem with “multiple persons”.

“Teenage girl are literally dying themselves due to our toxic culture towards female bodies,” she said. 

Numerous tweets of support were sent to McCain by those who agree that body shame should never be allowed.

They don’t believe in spending even one second talking to you about your body. replied one user. You are absolutely right. Young girls are more likely to have eating disorders than they should. They also feel under pressure and don’t deserve to contribute to the problem.