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Because Coach is a timeless brand, we all know it. Why? Megan thee Stallion linked up with Coach for another campaign. The rapper spoke candidly about Coach during an on-set interview. He said that Coach makes him feel like a member of a close family. It feels very nostalgic. It’s a very nostalgic thing that I keep repeating, but when I was a little girl my grandma would buy me Coach purses. “I was the third-grader’s stylist.”

According to the fashionista, she explained that she went from being a little Megan to Megan Thee Stallion and is still with the same brand I started in. You are like my family. This is what I love. Megan spoke about her love of the brand and her long-standing passion.

Megan shared that the vibe at set was very fun. Megan said, “I found it a bit flirty.” Coach had allowed me to wear my booty briefs twice. Today was full of hot girls stuff. The whole thing was adorable.