It’s possible to be agitated by this information. Meg Ryan Is returning to the world rom-coms.

Meg (60) will direct and star in the romantic comedy. Later, what happens?The co-stars: X-FilesActor David DuchonvyShe shared the following on Instagram in May.

It will be based upon the Steven DietzPlay Shooting StarSteven wrote the screenplay along with Meg, and Meg was also the novelist Kirk LynnIt is based on Variety.

So what exactly happens…later? Two characters, Willa Ryan and Bill Duchovny will star in the film. They were previously together long before their breakup. The world of romance movies and luck would have it that the couple reunite after they were snowed in at the airport many decades ago. Willa and Bill then embark on revisiting their past—with hesitation of course.

Based on Variety, the flick’s official logline reads, “What if late one snowy night you came face to face with someone from your long ago? A person who used to keep your secrets. Because that was once your heart.