This is what it looks like Julia Child had a whole kitchen of women supporting her dreams!

HBO Max’s comedy series is coming soon JuliaThe inspiration for? is Julia’s remarkable life and long-running TV series. French ChefThe original premiered March 31, and was viewed over 500,000 times. And now, an CelebHomes News exclusive featurette provides an inside look at the chef’s powerful female support system—including Avis DeVoto, Dorothy Zinberg And Judith Jones.

“She was part of this Cambridge group.” [Massachusetts]Women that came together to support her,” executive producer, writer Daniel GoldfarbThe clip says it all.

Actress Sarah LancashireJulia is portrayed by Jeremy, and he added, “Avis.” [Bebe Neuwirth]She was very instrumental in helping her get the mastering book.”

Avis was a chef and food editor who also assisted Julia in finding her Cambridge home. Daniel adds that Avis joined the board as a “helper” and came onboard. French Chef.”

Dorothy was also treated the same way.Lindsey BroadDaniel tells Daniel that even though she was new mom, she found time to “believe in Julia” and was committed to this project. Editor Judith (Fiona GlascottHe says that Julia may be even more influential because of a)