Hubba, hubba!

CelebHomes News will introduce you to Peacock’s sexy male stars Love Island USAAlong with exclusive cast photos. These stunning photos show five attractive new Islanders, sans shirts, flaunting their six-packs and wearing colorful swim shorts.

The good-looking group of guys includes a realtor looking for a Margot Robbie type, a Brazilian model who has been with over 200 women, a courier with a passion for ancient Greek philosophy, a personal trainer and real estate agent searching for a kind soul (like his mother), and a waiter with a passion for cooking. 

As we have previously stated, they will also join the group. Love Island ladies Deborah Chubb, Zeta MorrisonCourtney Boerner, Sydney PaightAnd Sereniti Spring in a gorgeous villa on the California coast with the hopes of coupling off to win a cash prize in the end. Viewers can also vote for who stays or goes during the season.