Season 2 of The. CSI: VegasA pulse. 

Sara AminiAnd Joel JohnstoneHave joined the cast of CSI sequel series, CelebHomes News confirms. 

Amini is best-known for Hulu’s Hulu movies. Future ManSonya will be played by, who, according to CBS “a methodical, systematic, and passionate Head Medical Examiner.” 

Johnstone is Archie’s actor. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is on board as Jack, who the network describes as “Sonya’s intelligent, curious, and optimistic older brother and the assistant Medical Examiner.”

Apparently a knack for investigating deaths runs in this family.

CSI: VegasThe sequel to the hugely successful original is titled “The Second Coming”. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which ran for 15 seasons from 2000 to 2015, premiered on CBS in October 2021.

Regular cast members were featured in the first season. William PetersonAnd Jorja FoxThey will reprise their respective roles of Gil Grissom or Sara Sidle for season 2.

Peterson left the series in December 2021. He stated that he only had signed up for one season. As a producer, he remains with the series.