Get in the saddle!

Soon, eight celebrity offspring will venture from Hollywood to a working ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Why? To prove they’re more than just their famous last names.

More importantly, they’ll try and reopen the property, Saddleback Ranch, which faced a devastating year of shutdown and loss due to the pandemic. 

CelebHomes will have its cameras on-hand to capture it all in the new reality television series Ranch Rules are Relatively Popular, including the cast’s attempts to complete the most outrageous, messy and challenging tasks they’ve ever done, from sheep shearing to artificial insemination.

Among those trading their designer labels for chaps and cowboy boots are rising musician Ebie“The legendary’s daughter,. Eazy-Eand Model-DJ Myles O’Neal, the son of basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal. You can also Austin GunnHe is a professional wrestler of second generation, following his father. Billy GunnFollow the steps of along with Ray Parker Jr.‘s entrepreneur son Redmond Parker.