Can we get a “Quack, Quack” for Josh Duhamel?

Disney+ was announced Monday 24 January as the launch of Disney+ Las Vegas alum is joining season two of the sports series as Coach Gavin Cole. Based on the character description Coach Cole was a former NHL superstar who runs an intense hockey institute that serves as the new season’s setting.

Duhamel, who will now be skating in a place previously held for him by Emilio EstevezHe reprised his famous role. Mighty Ducks movie role of Gordon Bombay for season one. Then back in November, news broke that Estevez would not return for season two.

Initially, it was reported that ABC Signature production studio chose not to renew Estevez’s contract because the actor wouldn’t confirm that he’d comply with the COVID-19 vaccination policy. Estevez himself shut down the allegation, telling Deadline that he chose not to do season two over a “contract dispute and not, as some would believe an anti-vaccine position.”