Clayton EchardMore than 20 women were present at the Season Premiere of The Bachelor and they all made a lasting first impression.

It was Jill, who gave Clayton an urn filled with her “exes’ ashes;” Kira, Doctor in lingerie; HunterThe snake whisperer. All three of these ladies did a great job with the limo exits. But it doesn’t seem that their efforts were enough to secure the prized rose.

Clayton stated to The Bachelor that he has a strong connection with these women. “This person really just kinda stopped me in my tracks.”

As we quickly learned, Clayton was referring to Teddi WrightAccording to her Bachelor bio, she is a nurse aged 24 years old. The limo was filled with her natural curls as she exited in a small black dress. Clayton told her that Teddi was her name and she looked “like a Teddy Bear” during their first encounter. You are the big teddy bear… I hope you’ll soon be my teddy bear.”

Teddi shared her thoughts with Clayton during one-to-one conversations. Michelle Young‘s contestants, she hoped he would be named the Bachelor—and he was! They had a wonderful smooch after their admission.