Cast members Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Cherie Chan, Jessey Lee, Kane LimChristine ChiuAnd Anna Shay As season two begins, all will return Bling EmpireThis sequel promises more drama and glamour than any previous version.

Netflix states that this season “a romance between Kevin & Kim percolates” and Cherie & Jessey’s relationship are questioned. “And while Kane’s friendship with Kevin is at its worst, Beverly Hills’s rival queens Christine and Anna put a fresh spin on social warfare.”

Christine suggested that Season 2 was difficult for her. However, it’s only because she is so passionate about what viewers think.

CelebHomes News reported that she took a lot from the songs for the benefit of the show. Although I wish I were more selfless and could be the winner, I am always trying to see the big picture. “I want this show to be successful.”

See if Christine’s risks were worth it—and how the two new cast members fare—when the second season of Bling EmpireNetflix premieres May 13th