The Guardians of the Galaxy actor, who is also Meadow’s godfather, walked her down the aisle while his daughter, Hania Riley SinclairShe was also her maid of honour.

On the eighth anniversary of Paul’s tragic passing in 2021, Vin reflected on the profound effect that Meadow’s dad had on his life and family in a poignant post on Instagram.

“I had told you I was expecting a child and was unsure what to expect at the hospital. I went to work after work. Vin said, “I will never forget what your words meant to me.” Vin recalled, “You claimed that there are many tough guys who will advise you to go into the delivery room. But this is incorrect. You will have the best day ever if you go in and actually cut the umbilical chord. “You were, of course speaking from the experience of having an angel of your very own.” 

Also, he shared with Meadow the moment of full circle that he witnessed at Meadow’s wedding one month prior. 

“The Angel that I helped prepare for with my brotherly advice and in the most beautiful of ways is the Angel that Meadow asked to become her Maid Of Honor”, he said. It was hard to believe that I knew this when I saw the set in 2008. QuickMaybe you were able to do it somehow.”