Mayim Bialik wants to straighten a few things out—starting with accusations of her being an “anti-vaxxer.”
Primetime is slated Jeopardy!The matter was discussed by the host during the current episode The New York Post podcast, Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man.
According to an Oct. article, the actress of 45 years said: “After…” It New York Times did a piece on me which I found really kind of like, neutral…[I] can’t tell you the number of people who were like, ‘She’s an anti-vaxxer.'”

It New York TimesThe controversy stemming out of past comments in Mayim’s 2012 parenting book, was the topic of this article. Beyond the Sling. In the book, the star—who is mom to teenage sons FrederickAnd MilesEx Michael Stone—wrote, “We made an informed decision not to vaccinate our children.” Mayim clarifies that, despite previous comments, her and her children will be vaccinated for coronavirus.

“And it’s like, ‘Did you not read the article?,'” she continued. It upsets me as an individual. Because it doesn’t disturb me as a celebrity, it’s not that much. I am grateful to my publicist who reminded me to stop reading comments.