CelebHomes: What did you tell your children about it?

MV: My daughter doesn’t understand because she’s like one-and-a-half. He doesn’t understand my son. My husband and I cry when he looks at us. It breaks my heart more when he says, “Don’t be spoken, mama.” He did not ask me “Where’s the baby?” Because I doubt he can understand. Once they understand I believe they will be able to tell me they have a brother. They will understand.

CelebHomes – What resources did you find in support of your career? 

MV:It would be nice if I could simply be strong and ignore everything. But it isn’t the case. Because of the program, people know about my pregnancy and many women contact me. I receive emails. They tell me their stories. It helps me to read—and especially a lot of them did have a successful delivery and a baby after. This is something I’d love to do: Have another child and enjoy a sweet ending. 

CelebHomes: What has your cast mate done to help you?

MV:They are always there to check on me. They send me texts. They will do everything they can to help me. They were shocked, I believe, which was very difficult for me. But they have been very supportive. It was very, very sweet. They are all.

CelebHomes: Share what you love with other people.

MV:It was just a thought that I wanted to express my gratitude to our supporters and friends. It has been a wonderful experience to receive a lot love. It’s a great help. For all women experiencing the same, please know it’s not your fault.

This interview has been condensed and edited to make it more concise.