Keepers are fans Matt LanterIn their thoughts, and prayers for him following recent hospitalization. 

In a Instagram post posted on Sunday March 27, 2017, the actor’s wife was featured. Angela LanterIt was revealed that the man had undergone emergency surgery last week, and is still recovering. 

She wrote, “This week was the most frightening of my lives,” alongside a black and white photo she took holding hands with Matt. Matt was wearing a hospital bracelet. My husband has had a rough week and was admitted to emergency surgery Thursday. He is now slowly making progress towards recovery. 

Angela didn’t go into detail about Matt’s surgery, but thanked her followers for their love, prayers and support. She continued: “We are so grateful to the amazing nurses, they are the true heroes.”

The Nashville-based lifestyle blogger also noted that the 90210This alum played Liam Court in the 2008-2013 series. He won’t be leaving the hospital soon.