Mathis Family MattersShe won’t only be focused on the whole group. Camara and her siblings will also share their careers, families, and other personal life. As she told CelebHomes, “I’m the only one who’s married and has a family on my own, and I think that is definitely a central part of my story.”

She and her husband are actually quite happy. JustThey welcomed their second baby right before. Mathis Family MattersThe filming started. Her storyline also includes what she describes as trying to “figure out who I am as mother and how to balance being a mom, a wife, a work mom, and motherhood.”

Camara, in addition to her role as entertainment lawyer, is the co-founder and CEO of She Social. This event unites women with different backgrounds. The celebration of sisterhood will be featured on the show, and it just might be the moment Camara’s most excited for you to see. “That event was just so powerful and so emotional,” Camara added, “and I’m just glad that we can see it.”

Camara is available for more information Mathis Family MattersThe premiere of ‘The Countdown’ will be on Sunday, June 19, at 9:30 pm ET/PT, with back-toback episodes.