It’s been 27 years since we’ve seen Mary-Kate Olsen all little n’ stuff in “Full House.” Now that she’s all grown-up, Olsen has been hanging around with other grown-ups, perhaps people that are too grown-up……Mary-Kate has been dating 44 year-old banker, Olivier Sarkozy. They actually got engaged in the beginning of March of this year. Good for her! As for her whereabouts, those are good too. Mary-Kate Olsen and her fiance just scored a 5 bedroom town home on E. 49th St in Midtown Manhattan, New York City for a reported $13.5 million.

Knowing that Mary-Kate’s into fashion like her twin, she may, at times, glare at the style the unit of Turtle Bay Gardens conveys. We’re talking high classic wooden ceilings and different hues of brown the walls and floors emphasise. It has two stories, studio, and enough fireplaces to warm up the entire neighborhood. The newly engaged couple also have access to a garage and elevator.

Address: 226-228 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017