The first rule of Designer Club is to not be surprised if a former model and current fashion designer’s home is stylish inside and out. Germany’s former model, Dina Bar-El, has been in the fashion biz for a long time. She’s a veteran in crafting prestigious and distinguishable dresses. Bar-El has made an impact on an nternational scale, and continues to be successful in what she does. You may’ve seen her dresses worn in films such as How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. You may’ve also heard of her line, the Dina Bar-El Collection. Dina’s just simply loved by people in the fashion industry and celebrities. Also, we love her home in the Hills.

Dubbed as the “80’s Dream House,” the exterior is, indeed, distinct and uncommon. The inside of the 5,207 sq ft residence defies its nickname significantly with many modernized and exceptional touches, some of which include high-end kitchen appliances, double freezer bins, double food storage bins, lounge area (second floor), and office/meeting room. Other amenities include fireplaces, large patio, and pool. Floor plan is 5 bed/6 bath and asking price is currently $5.495 million.

Address: 1166 San Ysidro Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210