It is time to Christine Quinn to drive into the sunset—at least if one of her castmates has her way.

Christine’s The Sunset Selling co-star Mary Fitzgerald says she’s tired of all the tension on the show, which is a diplomatic way of saying she’s tired of Christine.

She said, “I prefer to not have drama in my office.” It Domenick NatiPlease ShowApril 9, 2009. “I get that she’s an entertainer and spectacle. It’s something that I admire. It’s just not productive for the workers.

Mary says that losing Christine would not be a problem because they don’t talk. 

Mary said, “I haven’t spoken to her for a very long while.” She hasn’t been to the office in a while. “She hasn’t been in the office for quite some time.”

When asked whether the show could function without all of the frenzy that Christine brings, Mary did not mince words. She said, “I believe we can,”