He wrote that despite knowing that the relationship wasn’t perfect when he said “yes” on the decision day, he believed that we would be able to overcome our challenges and create a functioning, healthy relationship with sufficient effort. “Over time, I gave up hope that this would happen. Now I believe we are mutually incompatible in ways that compromise can’t resolve or overcome.  

Although he acknowledged that they had been apart for a while, Steve said that part of him still believed in the possibility for real change. However, that this surprise announcement was a sign that it is time for them to move on. 

Steve shared with Noi his fears of “letting people down”, revealing their separation and his hopes for Noi’s future. 

“Noi. I will always love and respect you. “I wish we could be a better match,” he wrote. I wish that we were able to meet our mutual needs and not feel like we must compromise to the point we think is acceptable. It would be great if our openness to one another was the same as the wonderful chemistry we have. 

What does he feel? He wrote, “I am trying to remain positive and have been fortunate to have an incredible group of people surrounding me that have supported me through all this.” While I do have negative emotions about this, I try to deal with them in my own time and with friends who are there to support me. I also avoid letting the negativity spill into public.  

He stated, “I’ve given so many of myself to the marriage, this process, and this entire experience.” Although I am not regretful of anything that I have given, it is time for us to do what’s right for ourselves. 

Steve posted another Instagram message last month saying that the couple were having difficulty “navigating the challenges we face as a private relationship”, while also sharing their recent public social media posts, where many people have invested in the story and want details.

He stated, “We chose not to share some items while we work through and figure out things, but at the same moment, it is expected that some people want to learn more.”