Future prospects are bright for Get Married on the First Sight cast.

Many viewers are making predictions as they watch season 15 on Lifetime’s long-running reality series. They predict which couple will remain married when Decision Day arrives. However, before viewers make any final decisions about their marriages, they might want to check out what psychic mediums and astrologers have to say. Jessica LanyadooWhat they have to say.

CelebHomes News obtained exclusive footage of the following: Astrology to Real RelationshipsThe author looked at the charts of astrology for the couple. Get Married on the First Sight. Jessica says that many couples include AlexisAnd JustinThe highly desired Sun+Venus combination.

Jessica stated, “They love each other.” They want to be with each other. Both can be very good friends. The one of them may be more dominant than the other. They may take turns, but it is possible that one will be more controlling than the other. Both can have long-term relationships.

It is the same for MorganAnd BinhThey also have the Pluto+Saturn Square. But according to Jessica, this placement could indicate control issues are on the horizon.