Can you remember a time when a former owner of a major video game developer company goes out and splashes $70 million on extremely lavishing and high-end property? Neither can we, which is why now former owner of Mojang and creator of the notorious open world survival, Markus Persson, did such thing. He has actually etched his name not only in real estate history, but in the celebrity world as well. It’s said that power couple Jay Z and Beyonce were going after the same property. But, nothing beats $70 mill in cash. It’s all good, Jay Z and Beyonce. You guys still have cash and large swimming pools to swim in.

In the meantime, Persson will be enjoying 22,300 sq ft of prestigious living. It will make any George Takei fan say ‘Oh my” and have their face stuck at the “Oh” part of the phrase. Floor plan is reportedly 8 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. The views that the home has to offer are nothing but succulent. There are various large living spaces to hold LAN parties at, various full bars, large wine storage and tasting area, and a candy room! This Beverly Hills expanse within Trousdale Estates truly is paradise. Oh, and security’s included in the purchase as well, which is provided by Bumble Bee.

Address: 1181 N Hillcrest Rd, Beverly Hills CA 90210