We do have some legendary singers, songwriters, and musicians. But, no one can be as legendary as…..well…..John Legend. Even when he’s not writing songs and singing to his fans ever so magically, Legend still reaches out to people through activism. He’s deemed as”one of the louder voices in pop music.” John Legend may also be deemed as a “quick seller” after accomplishing the sale of his small, but quaint Zen home for $2 million. It sold within 2 months from the time it was listed.

The offerings and floor plan surely make up for the retreat-like pad’s living space. For a small home, it speaks volumes within the Los Angeles area while mostly everyone else is living big. You have a large living room that pours into the kitchen immediately, where a romantic dining area is adjacent to. There’s also a studio, where Legend arguably would spend most of his time. Rooms that pour out onto the considerably-sized and tranquil patio, and amorous and complex walkways, both make Legend’s home a perfect place for any couple. Too bad that someone just bought it!

Address: 3023 Longdale Ln, Los Angeles CA 90068