You’ve heard this man sing (along with another lead vocalist) as he played the guitar in this trio punk rock band back in junior high school (provided that you were born in the late 80’s). You may remember him as “Mark,” or “Mark Hoppus” for Blink 182 fanatics. He’s been keeping busy, from doing podcasts regularly to forming a new band and working on a new project. So much for Mark and his long-time Blink 182 bandmates touring in 2013 and this year, announcing a new album in the works, and delaying it.

Lets take the focus off of that by staring in awe of Hoppus’s garden that his house in Beverly Hills is donning. The garden actually contains some plant and tree life that Mark had transported from previous residencies. It’s beneficial that he did. The Mark Hoppus garden helps make the 3,390 sq ft estate more complete. As for what’s inside the house, it’s furnished and contains 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Some rooms have clear glass windows that you can peer through to catch some of the Hoppus garden. Price is $15,000/mo.

Address: 1111 Maytor Pl, Beverly Hills CA 90210