Blake Anderson is a workaholic. That’s why he went ahead and purchased a 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom floor plan in Los Angeles for $1.175 million. The comedy series, “Workaholics,” is moving onward with a fifth season. Blake is moving onward as well, with both the show and his wife who he married back in 2012. The house he bought is what’s actually the former home of Rob Dyrdek, from “Rob & Big” and the current host of MTV’s “Ridiculousness.”

With that said, the two story 2,792 square feet home makes a great bachelor pad. Although its exterior is somewhat quaint. The home has en-suite balconies, fireplaces, a nicely furnished kitchen, office, various rooms for entertaining guests, back patio, BBQ, and pool.

Address: 3230 N Knoll Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068