This is how it should look. Mariska HargitayWe can’t even imagine how it would be if she switched on the charm.

On March 28, he made an appearance at Late Night with Seth MeyersIt is the Law & Order: SVU star and her longtime TV partner Christopher Meloni A seemingly innocent scene was taken from an episode of crossover. Law & Order: Organized Crime. She turned towards her star and stated, “I didn’t know it was so sexy!”

Meloni responded with the best answer: “You don’t watch the show.” Badum-tss!

Hostile, dumbfounded Seth Meyer chimed in, “Did you not think you were acting it sexy?” 

Apparently not! Meyer replied, “Then there is a lot inadvertent sexiness.” “I’m sorry!” 

But she’s not alone in her sex appeal—Meloni is a proud “zaddy,” a title given to him by what he claims is a “worldwide organization.”