Mandy and her husband welcomed their son less than three years after they officially tied the knot in November 2018. 

Taking to her Instagram Story Feb. 19, the day before the child’s birthday, the actress reflected on her experience going into labor and meeting her son for the very first time. 

She wrote, “One year ago today I was in labor. Looking back at @ccmeyer’s amazing photos of it, I can see that.” “I feel all the emotions right now. 

It’s amazing how pictures can take you back a year later,” she said. It’s hard to feel the pain but it still hurts. Broken open in the largest and best possible way. 

For her final photo, Mandy included an image of her gleefully smiling while holding her newborn son. Mandy wrote that it was the best moment of her life. Goosey, we love you so much!